Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OverMover is used to optimise the mobile workforce: field technicians, drivers, sales rep. OverMover is a Field Service Management and Mobile Workforce Management Software.

Using the cloud Coordinator Console in the office, and the Worker App on workers’ smartphones, companies can track and orchestrate their mobile resources, reduce waste of time and become more competitive.

OverMover is used by companies with mobile resources on the field: field technicians, drivers and sales rep. Among our customers we have companies in the installation, maintenance, repair services industry, logistic and transport, food and beverage vending and several other sectors.

With OverMover you can:

  • Track mobile resources Position on the map in real time
  • Find the nearest technician for the next job or the nearest driver for the next delivery
  • Access today’s Route or see historical routes
  • Set up the task list for each worker and send it to the smartphones on the field for execution: jobs, deliveries, visits etc.
  • Track task execution status and task execution time
  • Plan and schedule tasks among the mobile workforce to better distribute the workload
  • Exchange messages and documents with mobile resources.
  • Record Time Attendance on the field for mobile workers
  • Use Custom Forms to collect any type of data from the field
  • Keep track of Customers, Contacts and Pois
  • Integrate your ERP/BackOffice with OverMover APIs

With OverMover you can get more Tasks done per day and become more competitive, avoiding time wasted on the field. You can eliminate errors due to manual recording of data and improve quality of service and customer satisfaction. OverMover helps you to better distribute workload among the field force and make employee happier.

OverMover is offered with an all-inclusive monthly subscription, without minimum duration. It includes a 30-days free trial of the full version, without the need to insert a credit card.

All subscription plans are described here.

Start using OverMover with few simple steps:

  1. create your free Coordinator Console account here: free trial
  2. add your mobile resources in the “Resources” list inside the Console
  3. From the Coordinator Console, send an “INVITE” to all your mobile resources smartphones to install the WorkerApp

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